We are committed to providing fast, helpful and personal service to our valued clients, their Plan participants and members. It is not just a program or catchy slogan but an important part of our culture and the way we operate our business. WE CARE SERVICE is a vital part of all of our customer interactions.


  • That service expectations are continually exceeded for our clients, their participants and members.
  • That all administrative work is timely, accurate and of the highest professional standard.
  • That phone calls are quickly answered with a friendly greeting.
  • About quickly getting back to participants on all inquiries.
  • About being excellent communicators with a goal of always providing helpful information.
  • That every customer interaction is a positive one.

To assure staff availability, continuity of service, and responsiveness, our staff is structured to provide support at all key administrative positions. Accordingly, there are two (2) Account Executives and two (2) Administrative Assistants assigned to each Client.

Account Executives maintain primary responsibility for service to the account, including the coordination of the efforts of other departments and/or staff who may, in some way, serve the Plan.

Account Executives attend all meetings of the Board of Trustees, or Plan Sponsor, as well as any special meetings which may be necessary, i.e.,

  • Trustee Subcommittees;
  • Plan Advisors - (Attorney, Accountant, etc.);
  • Participating Employers;
  • Plan Participants, or Beneficiaries;
  • Regulatory Agencies (IRS, DOL, PBGC, etc.); and
  • Benefit Providers or Insurance Companies.

Flexibility in plan design underscores our approach to providing administrative services. Our parameter driven data processing systems permit each Plan a wide range of options in design, implementation and maintenance of its benefit program.


  • Plan origination and governing documents;
  • Employer master statistical data, contribution and other documents detailing contractual requirements; and
  • Employee/dependent master statistical census information.
  • Our Document Management Team offers a full array of scanning and retrieval solution for all your paper documents


       Flexibility is key to reporting and contribution collection functions in our parameter driven system.

The system design readily adapts to whatever type of remittance reporting the Plan uses (i.e., hourly, weekly, monthly, quarterly, percentage of wages, per shift, or flat contribution).


Determination and certification of benefit eligibility for:

  • Single or multi employer plans.
  • Uniform, variable, dual or multi level eligibility.


Full administration of the Plan's delinquency control & collection procedures, including:

  • Identification and calculation of amounts due.
  • Correspondence with the delinquent party.
  • Coordination with the Client Counsel and Auditors; and
  • Detailed reporting to the Board.


From design to printing to implementation and distribution to the Plan participants, our administrative staff is prepared to handle as many of the arrangements as the Plan may require for:

  • Summary Plan Description Booklets;
  • Participant Enrollment Packets;
  • Participant Identification Cards;
  • Participant Newsletters & Special Notices;
  • Summary Annual Reports;
  • Periodic Tax Statements;
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Annual and On-Request Reports;
  • Participant Account & Service Statements; and
  • Periodic Participant Census Verifications.


  • Resolution of eligibility and benefit issues with benefit providers;
  • COBRA administration including notifications, invoicing and record keeping; and
  • Preparation of reports required by the Trustees.

As the specifications and requirements of Benefit Plans grow more and more complex, reliable, functional and secure access to all appropriate data in an efficient manner has become increasingly important. Using the methods and technologies detailed below, FMVA/TSA is able to maintain a level of accessibility and flexibility that is required in today's competitive work environment.


Our current software systems implementation is the result of over twenty years of experience and development. The current deployment has been established using industry standard technologies such as Visual Basic, Linux and Oracle. All developments are driven by the parameters of our clients in order to provide the most flexibility in our offerings. Software systems are continually analyzed for any potential improvements to accuracy, speed, flexibility and ease of use. Customization to client specifications is available.


For those Funds whose employers supply remittances electronically now or in the future, our systems can be configured to accept and utilize the Fund's electronic reporting protocol. Besides being more environmentally friendly by using less paper, this process has several benefits including:

       Eliminates the need to fill out paper remittance forms;
       Allows for 'up-to-the-minute' eligibility information to be provided to the Fund's members; and
       Significantly reduces the employers' paperwork.


Our hardware consists of industry standard computer systems from such mainstream manufacturers as Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Juniper and Cisco. These are connected in a Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) configuration using a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) for one complete infrastructure.

Connections to and from remote office branches are configured and managed by industry standard Citrix-based software.

The networks are made up of a heterogeneous mix of Microsoft, Linux and Novell operating systems, all of which are accepted as industry standards.

High profile support for all hardware, including servers and peripherals, is maintained by our IT staff to cover any potential malfunction.

Administration and maintenance of all hardware and peripherals are performed by our Microsoft-certified staff to maximize efficiency and minimize down time.

In line with current accepted standards, a battery of Dell PowerEdge rack-mounted servers running Microsoft Server 2003/2008 acts as the mainstay of our core operations.

A high-capacity Dell EqualLogic Storage Area Network (16TB SAN) designed to securely house data and expand the storage capacity of our servers as well as host a VMWare-based server virtualization device has been implemented.


With clients and offices in multiple states and locations, strong voice and video connectivity is mission critical. Websites are also a vital communications and service portal for clients, participants, contributing employers and other groups. Our Firm has made sizable capital investments in upgrading our voice and video conferencing systems. Our multiple websites regularly undergo functionality upgrades to keep current with modern web practices. This ongoing investment is being made to ensure the highest quality of service and communication with our valued clients and participants.

Our ShoreTel voice over IP system forms the foundation of our telecommunications suite. It ensures reliable high speed voice communications with call tracking and reporting functionality. This highly flexible system can be customized and programmed to meet all of our client's servicing requirements.

All offices are supported with Polycom video conferencing systems giving our teams the ability to conduct highly efficient virtual meetings.


In today's technological environment, system security, data integrity and information safety are of utmost importance. The following methods are implemented to protect our systems and data:

All servers and all data are backed-up on a daily basis using industry standard Symantec BackupExec software and auto-loading Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices.

All networks are secured using industry standard SonicWall Firewall devices, which are maintained and updated on a regular basis.

Security and penetration testing is performed on a regular basis to ensure that our equipment and methodologies are being implemented correctly and effectively.

All electronic communications that may contain sensitive data are secure and encrypted using industry standard PGP protected encryption.

Any servers that are outward-facing, that is, may have portions exposed to the internet, are secured with Transport Layer Security/Secure Socket Layer (TLS/SSL) cryptographic protocols.

Copies of the all data back-ups are maintained off-site and additionally, implementation of a real-time geo-redundant data protection solution involving industry leading DoubleTake software and SAN replication is currently underway.

"Restore from Backup" routines are performed periodically to verify the integrity of the data that has been archived.


Operating and maintaining our extensive systems and infrastructure is a team of five highly experienced full-time IT professionals. Based in our Mount Laurel, New Jersey facility, these key associates provide the ability to quickly respond to the needs and requests of our clients. The team is strong with the IT Manager leading a Systems Engineer, Project Manager, Sr. Programmer, and Web Application Manager. When required, this team will work closely with our extensive network and IT vendor partners.


An integral part of the administration of any Benefit Plan is the accounting and financial record keeping requirements. Under the supervision of a staff Certified Public Accountant, FMVA will coordinate the Plan's accounting and financial reporting efforts, as required, with the Plan's Administrative and Advisory staff and any other outside party, as the Board may direct.

Our accounting systems and procedures ensure the ability to provide complete, accurate and timely financial reporting. The related internal controls provide the necessary safeguards to help protect Plan assets from unauthorized use or disposition. These systems have the capability to provide a complete series of standardized financial reports, as well as the flexibility to provide customized user defined reports. In the event a Plan requires any special financial reporting not provided for, we will design and implement these "Client specific" reports tailored to meet the needs of the Plan or other plan professionals.

Our staff will establish and maintain all required banking arrangements as necessary, monitor cash flow and execute transfers as needed or required to maintain liquidity. We will record the monthly activity for any invested plan assets and work with the Board or other Plan professionals in maintaining these assets in accordance with the Plans established investment policies and guidelines.

We respond to inquiries from members and employers related to the taxation of Plan benefits. We will prepare any necessary tax deposits, as well as, the related preparation and filing of any tax forms as required by Local, State or Federal taxing agencies related to these benefits.

Our accounting staff acts as the liaison to the Plan Auditors and provides all the necessary accrual based financial reports, schedules, general ledgers, cash receipts and disbursement journals as required by the Plan Auditor. We will provide whatever other assistance is needed in gathering and assembling the necessary data for the completion of the annual audit and government filings. Our goal is to ensure the Plan's compliance with the standards established by the accounting profession and any other governing agencies.


For those Plans requiring claims processing services, we offer a fully staffed, computerized claims processing department. Our claims department is available to process and pay claims for all types of self-administered benefit programs, including:

  • Hospitalization
  • Health Reimbursement Accounts
  • Medical/Surgical
  • Vision
  • Major Medical
  • Life & Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Dental
  • Short & Long Term Disability

We maintain all necessary procedures for receiving and processing claims including eligibility certification, claims investigation, record keeping, claims correspondence, review and payment.

Turnaround time from the date of receipt to the date that the claim payment and explanation of benefits is mailed averages five (5) to ten (10) days.

Detailed Utilization Reports, including Claims Lag Reports, with incurred and paid date parameters, variable on any increment from daily to multiple years, are available to assist the Board in determining the Plan's position relative to their self administered programs.

In addition, we have fully integrated procedures to:

  • Implement your Plan's provisions for COORDINATION and SUBROGATION of Benefits.
  • Design, develop and maintain Medical and Dental PREFERRED PROVIDER ORGANIZATIONS (PPO's).
  • Provide MANAGED CARE program administration.
  • Provide MEDICAL AND DENTAL CONSULTANTS, as required.
  • NEGOTIATE DISCOUNT ARRANGEMENTS directly with providers.
  • Design, develop and maintain CLAIMS NEGOTIATION procedures.
  • Administer all phases of COBRA compliance.
  • Provide Pre-Retirement Health Fairs.
  • Provide Retirement Interviews.

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